For those asking what they can do to help, here are some suggestions: Here is a link that will let you send a 50 word message to any of the legislators to protest this potential disaster.
On Facebook, you can share the letter to the editor and both the Sitka Daily Sentinel article and Raven Radio article.
If you are associated with an organization you might consider having a supporting article in your newsletter.

Also, watch for these events. The event at the Beak is to help folks contact legislators and others making decisions in Juneau.

Come to the “Sitka Connected” Town Hall on April 3 (time and place TBD)

You can also send an email to (Division Director, State Libraries, Archives and Museums) and to (Chief Curator, Alaska State Museums). Let them know you wish them to do everything in their power to save the Sheldon Jackson Museum from this pillage. Give them your experiences at the Museum and if you’ve had family and friends from out of town, let them know that too. If your kids have experienced programs or had the chance to use the hands-on materials let them know. The Sheldon Jackson Museum is an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION!

Thank you for your support!