Seal (Isuwiiq) Holiday Ornament Making
Dec 7 @ 12:00 pm

Sheldon Jackson Museum, Tues., Dec. 7th ,  Seal (Isuwiiq) Holiday Ornament Making on Zoom, 12:00 pm 

The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum invite the public to attend a holiday ornament making event on Zoom on Tues., Dec. 7th at 12pm as part of the Winter Share Your Culture/ Share Your Research Zoom Series.  In this Zoom event, the first in the Friends’ Winter Series lineup, June Pardue (Alutiiq/Sugpiaq) will show how to make a holiday seal ornament for your Christmas tree or your home.

Ornaments may be made using wolf fish skins or salmon skins, available for purchase from the artist. Wolf fish skins will yield approximately 7 ornaments and cost $40 per skin plus $10 shipping and handling. Salmon skins will yield approximately 4 ornaments and cost $25 plus $10 shipping and handling. Skins can be obtained directly from the artist in advance of the class. For artist contact information, call (907) 747-8981.

Participants will have to obtain materials in advance of the class, including:
Burgundy, light purple, or teal wolf fish skin or salmon skin
Faux leather or other backing
Cotton balls or pillow stuffing
Size D nymo thread
Size 10 short beading needle
Size 10 seed beads

People with questions about the class may call (907) 747-8981 for more details.

Zoom Meeting information to participate or observe:
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Meeting ID: 846 7128 7279
Passcode: 648734