The Sheldon Jackson Museum and Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum are pleased to welcome Alaska Native artist-in-residence Laine Rinehart. Rinehart is a Tlingit Ravenstail and Chilkat weaver and will be working in the museum galleries most days between Wednesday and Sunday between 9am and 4pm from June 4-20th. During their residency, Rinehart will offer a ravenstail pendant making class (currently full) and give an artist talk on Sunday, June 20th, entitled, “Time Warp: an Exploration of Time in Chilkat Weaving.” The presentation will focus on the history of weaving, material preparation, and steps involved in weaving a Chilkat robe. Rinehart will especially speak to the stillness they experience as they prepare to weave a robe and how it impacts their perception of time.

All are invited to attend via Zoom and there will be seating for a limited number of people who prefer to hear the presentation in person. To attend in person, please call (907) 747-8981 to make your reservation. To attend via Zoom, use the link and information below: Meeting ID: 892 7010 8636 Passcode: 639808

Rinehart’s Tlingit name is Neech Yannagut Yéil; they are of the Teeyhítan clan from Wrangell, Alaska. They are also child of the Kagwaantaan through their father’s side. In the summer of 2010, they began weaving in Kay Parker’s Ravens Tail class and have since gone on to work with Lily Hope and her mother Clarissa Rizal, and many other women they look to as mentors. They are immensely grateful for being allowed to participate in this way of being and strive to honor the practices and traditions of Chilkat weaving. For additional information on the Alaska Native Artist Residency Program, a schedule of when artists will be working at the museum, or for information on museum hours of operation, admission fees, and COVID mitigation processes, please call the museum at (907) 747-8981.