On the last day of her artist residency, Pamela Johnson (Tlingit) gave an artist talk entitled, “Cultural Identity Through Fabric.” In the talk, Pam describes the uses of regalia, specifically button robes, Chilkat robes, and ravenstail robes, the role of the robes in cultural identity, and shares some examples that have inspired her in her own regalia making. She also shares, via the video, her first button robe that she ever made, for her father.

The video can be viewed on the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum YouTube Channel here: https://youtu.be/_FHbftEgQn0

The Alaska Native Artist Residency Program is made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and with support from Alaska Airlines and private donors. Special thanks to Pamela Johnson for being an artist-in-residence at the museum and for sharing her artwork and culture.