Native Artist Residency Program (NARP)

In 1988, Janice Criswell, a Tlingit basket weaver volunteered her time to share her culture with Sheldon Jackson Museum's summer visitors and the Native Artist Residency Program was born. As residents, Alaska Native artists create artwork , traditional and nontraditional, demonstrate their techniques, and discuss their artistic process with visitors at the museum. They offer a hands-on workshop or lecture or lead another outreach or community engagement activity to creatively connect with the locals and visitors from near and afar. While here, the artists often find inspiration in the museum’s collection and augment museum staff’s knowledge and understanding while more closely examining, researching, and discussing the collection in collections storage and on exhibit in the gallery.

The twenty-six year old residency program has grown and expanded since its inception, largely due to financial and in-kind support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Alaska Airlines, Alaska Arts Southeast Inc., the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum, other local arts organizations, volunteers, and the general public. The museum has most notably partnered with the Sitka Sound Science Center and the Sitka Fine Arts Camp and has annually co-hosted one artist with the latter to teach classes to youth and adults.

Artists-in-residence are selected on a competitive basis in the spring. For an application or answers to questions about the program, contact the Sheldon Jackson Museum curator by calling 907-747-8904 or e-mailing

Individuals interested in making a donation to the residency program should contact Jacqueline Fernandez of the Sheldon Jackson Museum by calling 907-747-8904 or emailing

For information on the Alaska Native Artist Residency Program, click here.

For an application to the Alaska Native Artist Residency Program, click here.

2017 Alaska Native Residency Program

Abel Ryan, Tsimshian

Sheldon Jackson Museum

SJ Museum

Winter Hours

Tuesday through Saturday
10:00am - 4:00pm (Closed from 12-1pm)
Admission: $5.00

Summer Hours (Begins May 2nd)

Tuesday through Saturday
9:00am - 4:30pm
Admission: $7.00

(Admission is always free for ages 18 and under)


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The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum would like to thank the following for the ongoing support of our 2014 program:


Peter Williams
Mark Sixbey
Audrey Armstrong
Sarah Williams
Samuel Sheakley, Sr.
Teri Rofkar
Allison Warden
Karen Denise McIntyre
Rico Worl


National Endowment for the Arts
Alaska Airlines
Sitka Charitable Trust
Sitka Sound Seafoods
Sitka Sound Science Center
Bill Holm Center
Shee Atika


Vivian Prescott
Rosemary Carlton
Peter Gorman
Marylyn Conley
Pete and Margie Esquiro
Jeanne Cahoon
Debbi Doland
Darrell and Diane Kaeding
Susan Faero
Eugene Solovkev
Irene Shuler
Sabra Jenkins
Betty DiCicco
Patsy and Dale Myers
John Chenoweth
Judi Lehmann
Allison McIntyre
Kim Elliot
Kristina Cranston and Tommy Joseph
Rober Hoffmann
Pam Wetzels