August 30, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm America/Sitka Timezone
Sheldon Jackson Museum and Zoom
104 College Drive
Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum

Sheldon Jackson Museum artist-in-residence Jim G̱ooch Éesh Hart will give a talk in-person and simultaneously on zoom on Friday, August 30th at 2pm at the Sheldon Jackson Museum. In his talk entitled “Lingit Artist: Gooch Éesh,” Hart will talk about the history of formline art, the different styles of formline, and about his beginnings and trajectory as an artist. He will speak to his emphasis on studying the works of the masters and about the artists that have inspired him. Finally, he will share his thoughts on “the potential future direction of Northwest Coast art and speak to the importance of upholding high standards of tradition when practicing the art form.”

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Hart started his journey started in 2014 taking a paddle class with Wayne Price. After that experience, he undertook a ten-month apprenticeship in the community of Hoonah carving two 40’ traditional dugout canoes. At the time, he was still learning to draw formline. It would be several years before he started referring to himself as an artist. He felt he had to “work on himself just as much as his art,” to have the right mindset” and composure to execute in the highest fashion” and to come to “own” that the path he chose.