July 23, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm America/Sitka Timezone
SJ Museum & Zoom
Artist Talk by Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit) - “What Type of Ancestor Will You Be?” @ SJ Museum & Zoom

Artist Talk by Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit), Sat., July 23rd from 3-4pm

  • ZOOM:
  • Meeting ID: 880 9299 0531
  • Passcode: 802019

As part of the Alaska Native Artist Residency Program, artist Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit) will give a talk on Sat., July 23rd from 3-4pm, entitled, “What Type of Ancestor Will You Be?” The talk will be held in-person at the Sheldon Jackson Museum and simultaneously on Zoom. People wishing to reserve their spot for the in-person talk or to obtain a zoom link to attend via zoom should call the museum at (907) 747-8981.

Ketah describes the focus of his talk as follows:

I imagine a reflection on my process of discovery that has taken place as I have explored my Tlingit heritage. I have learned of the difficult history, since contact, that led to many in the current generations being separated from practicing or participating in their Tlingit heritage. My story has developed through taking risks and stepping into unknown areas in order to learn who and what I come from. I’ll share my experiences travelling to Klawock, not knowing anyone there, camping in a tent, and eventually learning to carve there. My great-grandfather was the lead carver of the CCC totem park there, but my family’s presence ended there in the mid-twentieth century. It was an unsettling experience at first, feeling like a stranger in a part of Lingit aani where my ancestors were so prominent. This reflection will continue as I share my experience in Sitka, in what will be another first visit to a place where I am a stranger, yet is within the bounds of the land of my people. These reflections will be accompanied by my thoughts on how I became separated from my culture, why it has been difficult to reconnect, and how my process aims to answer a question that gives me purpose: “What type of ancestor will you be?”


(Photo: Eechdaa Dave Ketah, photo provided by Eechdaa Dave Ketah)