July 16, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am America/Sitka Timezone
SJ Museum & Zoom
Artist Talk by Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit), “Did the Ancestors Call it Art?” @ SJ Museum & Zoom

Artist Talk by Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit), “Did the Ancestors Call it Art?”, Sat., July 16th 10-11am

Sheldon Jackson Museum and on Zoom

  • ZOOM:
  • Meeting ID: 852 4248 5504
  • Passcode: 012441

As part of the Alaska Native Artist Residency Program, artist Eechdaa Dave Ketah (Tlingit) will give a talk on Sat., July 16th 10-11am, entitled, “Did the Ancestors Call it Art?” The talk, which will focus on his artwork and cultural background, will be held in-person at the Sheldon Jackson Museum and simultaneously on Zoom. People wishing to reserve their spot for the in-person talk or to obtain a zoom link to attend via zoom should call the museum at (907) 747-8981.

From Ketah:

“In my journey of discovery, I have heard many say that there is no record or recollection of any made artifacts being called “art” by the ancestors. In fact the word, “art” does not exist in Lingit yoo x’atangi. It’s true, there is much more to the artifacts in collections and in portfolios than mere aesthetics, as these were objects of use and purpose. I will explore this point and discuss ideas on how we may perceive the artifacts of antiquity. And I will propose my own speculation that the ancestors did intend to make what we today call “art.”


(Photo: Eechdaa Dave Ketah, photo provided by Eechdaa Dave Ketah)