Sheldon Jackson Museum artist-in-residence Neva Mathias will give an artist recap talk on Saturday, August 7 at 2:30 pm. Mathias will share some works she created during her time at the museum. There is very limited space to attend the talk in-person. To reserve a spot, call (907) 747-8981. You can also attend the talk online via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 846 5471 2340
Passcode: 437015

Neva Mathias began making baskets in 1979. By 1985, she was an expert at her art form. She learned how to make baskets and dolls from her mother. Mathias’ mother also showed her how to prepare raw materials. In the winter, Mathias uses seal and rabbit fur, seal skin, and kuspuk materials to make her dolls. In the summer, she collects grasses from the beaches of Hooper Bay to make baskets while she is at fish camp.

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