This is my first blog ever!!! It was made possible because Robert Davis Hoffman is a wonderful and knowledgeable person!!! … he stepped up and developed our new website!!! I was trying to do it myself with a simple site development tool found on the internet… I soon learned it could not give us what we needed. Robert came to my rescue!!! He took the project over and gave us this beautiful and responsive site.

Along with our event calendar and everything else we enjoyed with the old site, he built into it the ability to join or renew memberships to the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum. We can now accept donations through the website. We also have this blogging capability which will also post to the Friends’ Facebook page.

I also wish to thank Chris Hoffmann, Robert’s wife, for her understanding and support of the time necessary to get this project completed.

Gunalcheesh (Thank You) Robert!!!

With gratitude,


BTW… When you see him, please let him know what you think of the site. (I am lovin’ it!!!)